Brackley Road Road Surface Is A 'Disgrace' Say Locals

They say they can't understand why nearby streets have better surface


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Elderly and infirm people have been put at risk by the uneven surface of Brackley Road, according to local people. Councillor John Todd has described the road as disgraceful.

One resident said a Hounslow Highway Inspector came out last year to look at the street and they understood he was meant to return and a programme would be put into place for improvements. Nothing had been done.

Hounslow Highways have said the road is not scheduled for resurfacing until 2017 unless there are safety problems reported in next month's Inspection.

The local resident said :"All the other roads around us have been resurfaced, including the roads to the south of Brackley Road, which were in a much better state than our road.  To add insult to injury they even put new tarmac up to the end of our road but went a few feet and stopped. 

"We can not understand why our road and Brackley Terrace are the only roads in the area that have not been sorted out.  Our road is a disgrace.  

"We are paying our taxes but don’t seem to be getting the same services as everyone else in the area. This also applies to cleaning the road, which seems to be non-existent.  The litter is a real issue as it just blows down the road from the High Road and no-one seems to clear up the leaves.  

"This used not to be the case but recently we seem to have dropped off the map."

This image shows the difference in surface at the end of Brackley Road

Hounslow Highways have told the locals that, "the appearance of a particular stretch of road/pavement is not always a reliable indicator of whether it should be resurfaced. In the case of the Brackley Road for example, it has thus been determined that neither the subsurface condition of the road nor the pavement has deteriorated to the point where resurfacing would be deemed necessary or prudent."

"Conversely, the subsurface condition of the road on Brackley Terrace for example is deteriorating at a rate that poses a potential hazard to road users and pedestrians alike; hence our decision carry out resurfacing works this coming May.

However, while there were no plans to resurface Brackley Road before the end of 2017, it was due for a Routine Safety Inspection in April and "should any defects that exceed our prescribed level for repair be observed during this inspection, they will be rectified within a 28-day period. Moreover, should the RSI reveal any significant subsurface deterioration of the road and/or pavement, Brackley Road will be accordingly prioritised for resurfacing."

March 11, 2016

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