Cockroaches At Pool Used By Chiswick Primary School Children

Parents and teachers furious over infestation at Brentford Fountain Leisure Centre

Cockroaches At Pool Used By Chiswick Primary School Children


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Parents of primary school children attending the Fountain Leisure Centre for swimming lessons have expressed their horror at seeing an infestation of cockroaches in the pool area.

One parent, who has young children at Strand on the Green infants and junior schools described how she was sitting with three other parents watching from the viewing platform when "dozens of cockroaches came crawling up the wall from the pool lower down and were running around the watching area over our feet. I had boots on so I was able to keep squashing any that I saw, but it was revolting and they just kept coming."

She said another class of children came in from Belmont Primary School as several cockroaches came running up the walls.

"The children could see them and were shouting out as they waited to go into the pool area.
There were several member of staff in the swimming pool area, all studiously ignoring the cockroaches."

She said that she and another parent decided to complain to the manager. While they went up there was a teacher from one of the primary schools upset saying that it was "not good enough, and not okay to have cockroaches in the pool where so many children come for their lessons.

"We agreed with her and asked when they would be dealt with. The manager responded that they would have the treatment people coming this week, “hopefully by Friday”. We were able to speak to the general manager who said he was doing his best, but didn’t seem to understand that this isn’t okay.

Brentford Fountain Leisure Centre is run by Fusion on behalf of Hounslow Council. We asked the Council for a comment on the matter.

Cllr Samia Chaudhary, Cabinet Member for Leisure Services said: “Hounslow Borough Council can confirm that a teacher from a local school reported seeing cockroaches to the manager of Brentford Leisure Centre. Fusion, who manage the Centre, immediately investigated and contacted the pest control operator to begin fumigation of the specific area and take remedial actions to resolve the situation.

“An emergency treatment was swiftly carried out. Fusion have monthly treatments conducted at the site with the aim of controlling pests. As a consequence of the recent sighting they have further engaged with their pest control specialist in order to review the program in place and make necessary changes should the frequency of visits need to be adjusted or should they introduce further interventions following advice from the pest specialist.

“They have apologised to the school for the recent unpleasant experience and they are doing everything they can to keep the Centre as hygienically clean as possible”.


September 29, 2019

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