Chiswick Residents Group Concern About Stadium

Following last weeks exhibition, locals have a range of worries


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A local residents' association close to the proposed new Brentford Stadium has said it has several concerns about the development following last week's exhibition of plans for the site.

A statement from Marie Rabouhans, chairman of the West Chiswick and Gunnersbury Association ( WCGS) said they were worried not only about the impact of thousands of fans arriving on local public transport, but also the planned high-rise residential developments

"With respect to the stadium, our concerns centre on the impact on the surrounding area of the arrival and departure of spectators, their movement on foot, their use of public transport – especially Gunnersbury Station, their use of private transport – traffic and parking and of light and noise pollution. The single narrow staircase at Gunnersbury Station cannot cope with the existing passenger numbers. Imagine fans arriving for an evening match as workers at the Chiswick Business Park are leaving.

"The enabling development raises many fundamental questions and we will have very many issues to raise. From the narrow perspective of the football club, the driver behind the proposals is to come up with sufficient development to pay for the stadium. From our wider perspective the issue is: How could the surrounding area and communities possibly sustain the impact of high-rise, high density residential development on this scale?

"Just to consider the visual impact: anyone who visited the exhibition can be in no doubt as to the negative impact of the enabling development on open spaces, heritage assets and residential streets within the immediate surroundings of Brentford, Chiswick and Kew.

Other questions that immediately spring to mind, she said, include how such a development could meet the needs of the borough and provide a satisfactory quality of life for its future residents?

"For example, where is the housing suitable for families, the elderly? Where are the facilities the residents would need - gardens, play areas, schools, health and social centres?

"What about the quality of life of the existing residential communities? What will be the cumulative impact on the local infrastructure of more than 960 new homes, in addition to all those within the other schemes under development in Brentford ?

"As a society, we not only try to protect and enhance the quality of life for those who live in this area, but we also take a lively interest in the broader community and our shared environment. We love our part of London and wish all those who live and work here or visit to be able to celebrate its rich heritage and natural assets. I am sure that we will not be alone in raising these issues."

A view from Strand on the Green


The view from Wellesley Road

The developers hope to submit their planning application in May.

The development view from Kew Green

The Football Club is planning to move from its existing stadium at Griffin Park to a new purpose built community stadium. The plans being developed will provide a modern 20,000 capacity stadium and they hope to have it completed by 2016.

Local groups in Chiswick say the capacity of the stadium and the potential scale of the enabling development, which may include three tall residential blocks on each of three corners of the site, will have a major impact on Chiswick. They have urged residents in the area to inform themselves of the Club’s intentions.

There is more information on the Club website

April 5, 2013

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