Bus Stop Removal Leads To Long Walk For Locals

The 190 stop near Hogarth Roundabout is currently out of use


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Local people who use the 190 bus stop going towards Chiswick on the A316 close to the Hogarth Roundabout are angry over the removal of the stop.

There are currently drainage works going on and the area has been sealed off and a sign erected saying that the bus stop is currently out use.

image of the 190 bus

The bus stop is outside the former business park on the left

Local people say that this means a long walk either to the previous stop close to Chiswick School, or a journey through the underpass at the Hogarth roundabout and up Chiswick Lane to the next stop. The stop is close to St Mary's Convent, where many local elderly people live.

One local person, who complained to chiswickw4.com said; "it is our only bus route and there are lots of elderly people who rely on this stop."

She said that the bus stop was closed with no prior notice and no temporary bus stop put in as happened last time there were works in the area.

The 190 runs from Richmond to West Brompton and is often used by people in Chiswick to get to appointments at Charing Cross Hospital.

There is a sign beside Paxton Road warning that there are drainage works in operation for the next few weeks. It is not clear whether it is linked to the Berkeley Homes building works in the former business park.

Transport for London (TfL) said that it is hoped to have the bus stop back in operation by Monday, 13 June.

A spokesman explained that they had been unable to erect a temporary bus stop because there was a grass verge and this is considered unsafe, particularly when it is raining.



June 11, 2016

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