From Puppy Farm To Prize Winner

Rescue dog from Chiswick gets award from canine blood bank charity


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A rescue dog and retired blood donor from Chiswick is the very first recipient of The Bramble Craddock Award from canine blood bank charity Pet Blood Bank UK.

Vadim the rescue dog who donates blood

Vadim, a 10 year-old Siberian Husky has been recognised for his contribution to the charity and his remarkable progress from puppy farm to prize winner.

Owner Charlotte Kasner, a canine and feline trainer and behaviourist, is delighted that Vadim has won the award. The Bramble Craddock Award was launched last year as part of Pet Blood Bank UK’s Heart of PBB Awards, created in honour of the PBB’s then highest donating dog, Bramble who passed away in 2015.

As well as recognising their human supporters, the Bramble Craddock award celebrates the phenomenal support from the charity’s 8,000 registered canine donors.

Vadim first donated blood back in 2014 at Beechwood Veterinary Group in Reading and retired shortly before his 9th birthday after making 8 donations.

Charlotte, said: “Vadim had a bad start in life, spending over 3 years chained in a yard. He came to me as a bag of bones, covered in a filthy coat. My vet suspected that his hip had been fractured from frequent kicking by his previous owner. The rescue organisation told me that he was untrainable.”

Just 14 weeks later, Vadim had passed his Kennel Club Good Citizens Bronze test and later his silver. He won Best in Show in his first pedigree class at Surrey County Show and then added 12 more Best in Show and several Reserve Best in Show rosettes and trophies to his collection.

By the time that Vadim was in his second year of his new life with Charlotte, he had become a Pets as Therapy visiting dog and later represented the charity at Crufts.

Vadim and Charlotte have also helped raise thousands of pounds for various charities at events across the country. Charlotte was elated to hear that Vadim was the first winner of the Bramble Craddock Award:
“Vadim is by my side in almost everything that I do and I am immensely proud of him. He has achieved so much and I hope his story will inspire others not to give up on dogs who have been regarded as untrainable.

"I knew that he would make an excellent blood donor and even though we had a 40-mile round trip on public transport for every session, I am delighted that he was able to help other dogs. It’s such a worthwhile thing to do and Vadim loved going along to donate. I would encourage anyone with a suitable dog to register.”

For more information and to register your dog, please visit Pet Blood Bank UK’s website:

September 7, 2017

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