Last Ditch Attempt To Save Carlton Road Day Centre

Liberal Democrats in Southfield try to delay the decision


Lib Dems Say Carlton Day Centre Closure Is 'Immoral'

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The Liberal Democrat Southfield Ward group have' called in' the decision to close the Carlton Road Day Centre, saying it should be referred back to Cabinet for discussion and real alternatives looked at.

Liberal Democrat Councillor Gary Busuttil said; “There should be a delay on the Carlton Road Day Centre so that alternative locations or financial plans could be thoroughly assessed to secure the excellent service provided”.

The Labour majority on Ealing Council’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee last night (Feb 12) voted through the closure of the Carlton Road Day Centre. The Liberal Democrat councillors, Mencap and carers had pleaded to save the day care centre for profoundly disabled people.

Last Ditch Attempt To Save Carlton Road Day Centre

Liberal Democrat Councillor and parliamentary candidate Jon Ball said, “We heard the trust that carers feel in the staff at Carlton Road, and that the piecemeal alternative provision suggested is unsuitable and inadequate for service users. Cabinet need to think again and look at real alternatives.”

Carlton Road is a day care centre for people with severe mental, physical and learning disabilities. There are 30 service users who live at home with their parents or other carers. As all users require 24 hour care the day centre provides the only break and support carers have. The weekday care service users receive allows carers time to go to the grocery store, attend personal medical appointments, etc. or simply get out of the house.

Those against closure say that most of the now elderly carers would not be able to cope with the full time responsibility of care and many of the service users could end up in full time residential care as a result at a cost to the council of £200,000 per annum per user.

February 4, 2015

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