Child's i Klimb Seeks Sponsorship

To raise money for charity which champions change of children's lives in Uganda

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All donations can be made directly to Child's i Klimb at


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Child's i Klimb, a supporter-led initiative in aid of Child's i Foundation, is looking for sponsorship to support its team set to climb Kilimanjaro.

The climb is being spearheaded by Chiswick resident Kevin O'Brien who, with his team of courageous volunteers, will climb Kilimanjaro come August to raise money for the charity, which champions the change of children's lives for the better in Uganda.

If they're to successfully complete the seven-day hike to the top of the world's tallest freestanding mountain, however, they can't do it alone.

Donations and equipment are essential, and with each volunteer looking to raise £1,000 in sponsorship themselves, they're hoping supporters can help them make the extra steps needed to reach a life-changing total for Child's i Foundation.

Kevin O'Brien, leading the climb, told, "This trip is going to live or die on the donations we receive; it's the money we raise that's going to make a real difference to these children's lives. Every donation helps; from pennies to pounds, hats to gloves, fluffy fleeces and those thermal undies that keep you warm on a chilly Kili evening – this support will allow our climbers to concentrate on their goal of making money for the charity."

Lucy Buck, Founder of Child's i Foundation, said, “I've been completely blown away by the commitment of our supporters who are climbing Kilimanjaro in aid of Child's i Foundation, and we hope they'll be able to see for themselves the change their money is making to the lives of babies. We are very proud to have such a dedicated worldwide community who come up with ideas such as this to make our dream a reality.”

All donations can be made directly to Child's i Klimb at

March 30, 2010