Appeal for Donations for Refugees in Calais Camps

Three local friends planning to deliver supplies next week


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Three friends form Chiswick are planning to drive to Calais with supplies for refugees in the camp there after deciding to take action after seeing the problem escalate on social media. Most of the residents of the camp currently are Syria with others from sub-Saharan Africa.

Conditions in the camp at the moment

Conditions in the camp at the moment

The Syrua that many of the camp residents fled from

The Syrua that many of the camp residents fled from

Another friend has recently return from a similar trip and has provided them both with inspiration and reliable information as to what is needed.

Caroline, Anny and Kerensa will be leaving on 13 December and are asking for donations of ONLY the following items to be brought to St. Michael's Church in Elmwood Road.

- Blankets (fleece, not wool as take ages to dry)
- Men’s thick, warm clothes
- Sturdy shoes/boots
- Tarpaulins (heavy duty)
- Double-skinned tents (complete)
- Wind-up torches/lamps/radios (all wind-up)

If anyone can donate any of these items, they are asking for drop off BEFORE 13 December 9am – 4pm at: St Michael’s Church, W4 3DY at the corner of Elmwood Road & Sutton Lane South.

If anyone can donate some money towards van hire, fuel, bulk buying of tents/tarpaulins, etc. please make a PayPal payment to

If anyone would like to volunteer some time helping collect, sort and pack, please email Caroline at

They will definitely be taking one van but given more p volunteers, they could take two.

Caroline said, 'To be honest, it will be a drop in the ocean but how I see it is - each donation will help keep at least one person warm/dry. '

December 5, 2015

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