Hi-Tech Chiswick Development Appoints New Boss.

Chiswick Park, the new office development designed by Richard Rogers, have announced the appointment of a Chief Executive. In keeping with their theme of “enjoy work” the job has gone to Canadian Kay Chaston whose background is in hotel management.

On taking up the job Kay said,  “I couldn’t resist the challenge to help create a really different and distinctive working environment in the UK. Chiswick Park is blessed by being in a fantastic neighbourhood, with some of the best facilities, services and shops in London.”
The Chiswick Park developers anticipate a total of 7000 employees on the site when up and running. The actual site actually covers 1.5 million square feet (oh to have a garden a fraction of that size). The site will include a health and fitness club, restaurant and events programme.  
Kay Relaxes Next to a Big Hole in the Ground (or it could be the Japanese garden)

The low-density scheme is being packaged as a new vision for a working environment in which people will get positive pleasure out of being in the office. This may be true but whilst they may enjoy work, some of the workers are not going to enjoy getting to work particularly when they find out about the rural style timetable of the Richmond branch of the District line and the fact that there is no Piccadilly line service to Turnham Green.

All businesses on the site will be connected via their own mini-internet and the project management are keen to build links with the local business community.

The new CEO said, “We plan to involve the local community from day one and will promote the best local business to our community of 7000. We want to build strong commercial and social relationships between the local community and our Chiswick Park tenants."

We at ChiswickW4 suggest they also use the web to access our site if they wish to partake of Chiswick’s numerous and varied activities.

We welcome Kay to Chiswick, point out that maple syrup is now available at Sainsburys and look forward to hearing more news about the businesses choosing to locate in our leafy environment.

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