Apple Tree And Cakes

At Abundance Fruit Day at Dukes Meadows



Abundance collaborated with Dukes Meadows Trust to present a very successful fruit day last weekend.

There were traditional games for children such as Apple Bobbing and Apple-Peeling. The longest peel was won by Finn, aged 7 with a staggering 2.35m.

Apple tree decorated by local children (photo from Abundance)

Volunteer Sam Sender guided a group of foragers to discover horse radish, nettle string, crab apples, rose hips and other wild produce in the area.

Hundreds of litres of apples were squeezed out of Chiswick apples, and loads of chutneys, plum and grape jams were snapped up by visitors to the Farmers Market. Abundance would like to thank all helpers, tree owners and supporters.

Photo from Abundance

The second photo is an Apple cake - what's left after you squeeze the juice out of apples-said to be a pig's favourite dinner!


October 22, 2012