Successful Launch Of Chiswick's Herbal High Road

Willow knot garden at Christ Church new feature this year



Chiswick's Herbal High Road, part of Chelsea Fringe's festival, got off to a great start with a whole day of herb-themed workshops and activities last Saturday ( May 18).

Now 60 mini-herb gardens are out and around Chiswick High Road, Turnham Green Terrace and Devonshire Road. The boxes contain plants decorated and grown by local schools, including  lavender and rosemary, with Borlotti and French beans, peas, nasturtiums and sweet peas. If the sun comes out they will be beautifully fragrant and colourful.

Abundance London would like to thank everyone who got involved, from volunteers, schools, churches, nursing homes and the local businesses who are each hosting a box. There is a fantastic Treasure Trail running until 9th June, with loads and loads of prizes sponsored by Neals Nursery in Wandsworth. Maps available in some of the shops, or download from

The new herbal knot garden on Turnham Green was also launched. Organised by the Friends of Turnham Green, using funds from Waitrose's Community Matters scheme, along with support - and a tight deadline! - from Abundance. It was a fantastic collaboration between the TG Friends, Abundance, Hounslow Council and John Laing - the latter supplied a digger to get rid of the nasty hump that used to be there, a truck to take away the spoil, and some turf - all within a very tight time scale.

Bud Murryweather, garden designer, supplied design and supervised everything pro bono. Marten Penrose of the Special Branch created the intriguing live willow structure in the centre, using local willow from just up the Thames at Shepperton. Hounslow Adult Education pottery rustled up the terracotta butterflies that put the finishing touch to the whole thing. Now the Friends of Turnham Green are seeking some herb lovers to keep the knot garden looking shipshape - weed free and trimmed. contact them on to find out more.

Willow sculptor Marten Penrose created the installation along with garden designer Bud Murryweather, which replaces a derelict raised bed. The area was once a memorial to local resident Carole Weale and in recent years had fallen into disrepair.

A knot garden is an area of formal and often intricate design, popular since the Elizabethan age, using highly contrasting plants, often aromatic or evergreen culinary herbs, which are planted in square compartments in a symmetrical pattern. The knot garden will create an area of scent and beauty on the green and the willow sculpture will change with the seasons.

The Chelsea Fringe festival runs from May 18 th-9 th June. The Chelsea Fringe is a gardening festival held throughout London over three weeks in May/June at the same time as the Chelsea Flower Show.

May 23, 2013