Toddler run down by bus in front of mother

Girl killed on junction of Sutton Lane North and Wellesley Road


Floral tributes at the scene of the accident

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A two-year-old girl was killed on Monday morning (July 12th) when she was hit by a bus outside the Press Gang dry cleaners on Fromows Corner near the junction of Wellesley Road and Sutton Lane North.

She had apparently run out of the dry cleaners and was on the road before her mother or sister could stop her. Fire fighters from the nearby station tried to revive her but without success.

The incident took place at 11am. Traffic was being diverted through the fire station. The driver of the bus is being treated for shock.

Floral tributes are being left at the scene including one dedicated to 'the little girl with the smiling face.'

July 15, 2004