Out Of Action Amanda

Popular children's entertainer asks for witnesses to accident which has left her hospitalised

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A legend amongst the children of Chiswick and their parents, Amanda is uncharacteristically out of action at the moment after being knocked down by a car.

The accident happened at 11.30 on Monday 18th April. Amanda had finished her class at Chiswick Town Hall and was crossing Heathfield Terrace when a "silver / dull grey transit van swerve right out of Town Hall Avenue forcing a motorbike to stop," explained Amanda from her hospital bed.

Amanda believes it was this grey transit van that caused the blind spot resulting in the accident and is asking for the motorcyclist and witnesses to come forward to help her case.

A worker in Chiswick Town Hall commented that since the new road layout had come into effect there had been "so many accidents at that spot."

"All I remember then was hitting my cheek on the bonnet of a black car." said Amanda. The driver did stop at the scene.

An eye witnesses described how Amanda was thrown ‘up in the air’ resulting in a fractured right ankle and shattered left leg which has needed a bone graft, plates and pinning.

After what she describes as a less than satisfactory experience at Charing Cross Hospital Amanda was moved to St Mary’s in Paddington for a series of operations. She will be there for at least another week.

Amanda was all set to fly to Abu Dhabi and Dubai last week with five events and sponsorship meetings set up. These and her classes have all had to be put on hold for the foreseeable future. She has months of physiotherapy ahead as well as needing a wheelchair for six to eight weeks, and finding help to care for her daughter.

"I've crossed that road twice a week for the past twenty years!" she said.

Any witnesses are asked to email joleen@amandasactionclub.co.uk or amanda@amandasactionclub.co.uk.

April 26, 2011