Three Injured In Accident At Building Site In Chiswick

Air Ambulance called following incident in Bollo Lane


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An Air Ambulance landed in Chiswick (June 10) following an accident at a building site in the Bollo Lane area in which three people were injured, one seriously.

An injured man was take to St Mary's Hospital Paddington Major Trauma Centre as a priority. He was taken by road following assessment at the scene, accompanied by the Air Ambulance doctor. He has since been released. The Health and Safety Executive is investigatng the incident.

There were reports that the builder was hit by debris from a crane working at the Chiswick Point development near the Gunnersbury Triangle.

Two others were treated at the scene and were not taken to hospital.

Pic- Ian Wylie

Traffic was disrupted in the Bollo Lane area for a short time during the incident which happened this shortly before 2 pm.The Air Ambulance Major Trauma Team flew from The Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel to Turnham Green in six minutes.

The helicopter circled over Turnham Green twice as police on the ground cleared sunbathers and others from the landing area on the grass.

After a stay of at least 30 mins the team returned and flew off in the helicopter.

Pic- Ian Wylie

A spokesman for London Ambulance said they had been called at 1.50pm to reports of an industrial accident in the Bollo Lane area.

They sent two responders by car, one ambulance, a duty officer and the Air Ambulance doctor to the scene.

Three patients were treated at the scene. One man was removed to St Mary's Paddington, Major Trauma Centre as "a priority" accompanied by the doctor from the Air Ambulance, said the spokesman.

Artists impression of the development at Chiswick Point

A statement from Bellway plc, the building firm for the Chiswick Point development said:

“We are currently working with Graham  Construction to investigate the incident. Graham Construction is in contact with the HSE (Health & Safety Executive) and assisting them with anything further that they require. Our thoughts are with the injured worker, who was released from hospital last night, and we wish him a speedy recovery.”

June 10, 2014