Council Launches Long Awaited Survey

To gauge opinion on proposals to change Acton Green's 94 bus stand

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Got something to say about the 94 Bus Terminus? Complete the survey questionnaire and join the debate on the Forum.


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Ealing Council has launched a survey to gauge local opinion on proposals to improve bus stand operations for the 94 at Acton Green.

Questionnaires have been sent to some Chiswick residents and the survey has now been made available online.

Details of the proposal for the Acton Green Bus Stand Improvements are identified in
the general layout plan that can be seen here.

The deadline for responses has been extended to 21st January 2011.

Southfield ward Councillor Gary Malcolm told "To ensure the Council gets as many responses as possible on this important issue about the 94 bus route we will wait even past the official consultation end point."


The Council is proposing to assist Transport for London (TfL) in improving the current
operation of the bus service 94 and the standing facilities in the Acton Green area.

As the 94 service runs with such high frequency, minor fluctuations in journey time
along its route means that there is often a very high demand for the limited standing
space available. This means that buses are often parked all around the green. The
buses standing in this area has led to a number of problems including:

  • Noise from vehicles stopped with their engines running,
  • Litter, from the cleaning of buses,
  • Safety concerns from buses half blocking the approaches to local roads such as
    Evershed Walk,
  • The aesthetic impact from buses standing then moving around the green to the next standing location.


To improve the aesthetics and functionality of bus service 94 and the bus stand at
Acton Green the Council proposes to:

  • Reverse the current operation of buses around the Green,
  • Relocate bus stops and stands to next to the kerbline along Acton Green on South
    Parade and the northwestern kerbline of Acton Green
  • Build out of the kerb on Acton Lane to provide footway width for boarding
    pedestrians and wheelchair users and the provision of a new bus shelter at the
    pick up new boarding point along the footway,
  • Install new uncontrolled pedestrian crossing points,
  • Relocate parking bays situated along the north eastern kerb line of South Parade
    to behind the existing parking spaces at the junction of Acton Lane and Evershed
    Walk (increasing the total length of parking by 35 metres),
  • Introduce 20 hybrid buses on the route, with all buses on the route after 7pm to
    be hybrid,
  • Resurface the road around the Green on Acton Lane and South Parade (North),
  • A full monitoring strategy to ensure the scheme objectives are achieved.

    What happens next?

Council officers will review and discuss the results of the consultation with Councillors prior to making any decision on going forward. If a decision is taken to proceed with the option, then works will commence in early 2011.

The closing date for this survey is 21st January 2011.

January 7, 2011