Acton Green Common's Playground To Reopen

New and improved playground to have party to celebrate

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Acton Green Common playground will reopen next week after months of regeneration finally come to an end.  As part of Ealing Council's £2 million park refurbishment programme, the new Acton Green Common playground features state of the art play equipment including swings, multi-units for juniors and toddlers, a seven piece adventure trail, springers and a roundabout giving this popular play area a new lease of life.

To celebrate the completed playground, Richard Pudney, Landcape Architect for London Borough of Ealing, is organising an opening party on Wednesday 24th November between 2:00pm to 3:30pm.  Unfortunately due to the time of year, daylight does not allow for an after school opening.

Plans for the afternoon include a ribbon cutting, sweets and games for the children.

Local parent Rebecca Mileham has been in consultation with Ealing Council to push for this regeneration.  She says, "It is great that the council is investing in this space however, I was surprised, that there were only two baby swings included in the design.  In my view, and the view of other parents who have responded to my post on, extra baby swings would really fill a need." 

She continues "Even if the overall space is designed to appeal to older children (is this the aim?) baby swings would definitely appeal to local families."

Baby swings was a contentious issue after the playground at Fisher's Lane was renovated and was also only given two baby swings. 

One parent commented, "My children are older and I still would agree that the provision for smaller children is more important. When they were younger we always had to wait for the baby swings in the morning. The swings for older children inevitably attract youths who lounge around on them swearing and smoking."

Another said: 'I would appreciate more baby swings for my twins as its not so easy to put them both in at the same time  - there are loads of twins around here who I'm sure would agree!'

Whatever local opinion may be about the swings, this viabrant and stimulating play area is undeniably a positive addition to the Acton Green community.

November 19, 2004