In a plot, in a pot, in a garden or on a window ledge - we’re all at it

Grow your own revolution proves so successful allotment waiting lists have been closed

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In a plot, in a pot, in a garden or on a window ledge we’re all at it – or at least we’d all like to be.

We all know it’s a good thing to buy local produce, even better to grow and cook your own. Which is exactly what 1,304 local residents would like to do but are unable to secure an allotment to do it on.

Many allotment sites were originally designated from initiatives, such as the wartime “Dig for Victory” campaign, or where space was available rather than provision on a needs basis or on the best available agricultural land. Consequently some sites are so popular their extensive waiting lists have had to be closed.

Such is the case in Chiswick where allotment owning is so hip - Anita Pallenberg is amongst those who tend their plots along the river - the waiting lists for all seven sites in the area are now closed to further applications.

Hounslow Council is also considering closing further wait lists in Isleworth, Brentford and Hounslow due to high demand.

The Borough of Hounslow has 28 allotment sites with a total of 1,787 plots. As of 4th January 2010, there were 1,304 people on the waiting lists. With no new sites currently being brought into use, the grow-your-own future looks bleak for these green-fingered wannabes.

The provision of allotments in Hounslow is determined by a combination of historic factors, central government legislation, the Council’s own strategic documents and community aspirations for such facilities.

John Laing Integrated Services on behalf of Hounslow Councils manages the allotment sites throughout the borough.

For information on hiring an allotment call: 0845 456 2796 or email:

May 31, 2010