Karen Liebreich's The Letter in the Bottle

Amazing true story of heart-breaking message in a bottle and a mother's quest to find person who sent it.

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On a winter's day in 2002, a bottle shaped like a tear washed up on the Kent coast. It contained a letter written in French, a lock of hair, and a mystery. Only one thing could be known for certain - that the writer of the letter was a mother, grieving for her lost child, Maurice.

Moved by the woman's heartache Karen Liebreich sets out on an epic journey to piece together the mother's story. Her book is the amazing true story of one woman's search for another, and a poignant reflection on love, loss and motherhood.

In this revised edition Liebreich concludes her epic quest, finally meeting the woman who sent the bottle years before and coming to understand the loss that was at the heart of one mother's impulse to communicate with the unknown.

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About the author

Karen Liebreich has a doctorate in history from Cambridge University and a research diploma from the European University Institute in Florence. She has worked as a cultural assistant for the French Institute in London, and has been a television documentary researcher and producer.

Her previous book, Fallen Order: Intrigue, Heresy and Scandal in the Rome of Galileo and Caravaggio was published by Atlantic Books in 2004.

Karen lives in Chiswick and is known to many for her tireless work in Chiswick House Kitchen Gardens and Abundance.

February 1, 2011