Bedford Park Society wins award

Work in recording the architectural richness of the area lauded as an example to other conservation groups

The Bedford Park Society has won a top London award for its innovative Log Book of the area's listed houses. London Forum's Walter Bor Mixed Media Award was presented to Peter Murray, Hon Secretary of The Bedford Park Society at a special ceremony in London.

From left to right: Andy Walters (researcher) John Scott (local architect) Nigel Woolner committee member) and Carol Woolner (architect) and Peter Eversden (Chairman) at the Artworkers' Guild for the launch of the log book

Paul Finch, Chairman of the Assessors and Vice President of CABE (Commission for the Built Environment) said, 'We hope that this award encourages other conservation societies with historically important houses to follow the lead set by Chiswick's Bedford Park Society.'

The Bedford Park Society is the first conservation society in Britain to initiate the production of this kind of Log Book which records such a high level of detail. The Log Book will inform current and future residents about their house - its history, its architecture and how to maintain it. The Book will be a growing resource for the local planning department, local historians and the owners themselves. The Log Books form part of the Society's 'From Knowledge Comes Care' Programme.

The Bedford Park estate is often described as "the first garden suburb". With its tree lined street and informal layout it had a huge influence on suburban estates in the first half of the 20th century and pre-dates Hampstead Garden Suburb by almost 30 years. Bedford Park has 356 Grade 11 listed buildings.

Bedford Park in the 19th century

Society Chairman Peter Everden said, "It is important that owners fully understand the architectural and historic significance of their Grade II listed homes. With some houses changing hands for over £2m new owners can afford to extensively refurbish their homes and it is essential that this is carried out sensitively."

The Bedford Park Society was founded in 1963 and hosts a number of events each year including the John Betjeman memorial lecture. Membership is open to anyone interested in conserving one of Chiswick's most architecturally important and picturesque neighbourhoods, and meeting like-minded people.

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London Forum of Amenity and Civic Societies is an umbrella organisation for some 120 residents, conservation and civic societies, community organisations and other affiliated bodies in the Greater London Region, with an aggregate membership of over 100,000. It also serves as the Civic Trust's regional federation for the London area.

June 5, 2003

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