Farage-Led Brexit Protest To Assemble In Chiswick

March to Leave going to Westminster on day UK due to leave the EU

Another pro-Brexit march


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A major pro-Brexit march is being planned to start in Chiswick on the day we are currently due to leave the European Union – Friday 29 March.

March to Leave, a nationwide protest organised by Nigel Farage and the Leave Means Leave group, plans to move down the country with daily marches departing from Sunderland on 16 March and culminating in a rally outside Westminster after assembling in Chiswick.

According to the organisers there will be a core group of marchers on each leg of the route some of whom will continue for several legs of the journey. They are required to pay £50 to join but get free food and board. Brexit supporters are being asked to join them to show their support and register as 'cheer leaders'.

We spoke to someone from the Leave Means Leave campaign who answered the phone number given on their web site. While he was reluctant to give details of the route of the march 'for security reasons' he confirmed that the plan was to mostly proceed along the Thames Path towards Westminster. He was unable to confirm the assembly point but said that it wouldn't necessarily be on the High Road. The march's web site says that assembly points each day will be given out just 24 hours before. He said that they will try to avoid disruption as much as possible, but road closures may be necessary and they will work with police and relevant authorities on that in the next few weeks. He said Chiswick was chosen as an assembly point because the previous leg of the march concludes at Beaconsfield and therefore many of those attending would be arriving from the west of London rather than it being picked as a provocative gesture towards a predominantly Remain supporting area.

The map of the march route given on the March to Leave web site seems to indicate that the assembly point will be some where close to Turnham Green.

Map of route from the March to Leave web site

Hounslow Council said they are liasing with the police and their traffic / transport team to find out whether they have been informed about the march from the event organisers.

Depending on the route and the scale of the march it is possible that road closures will need to be organised and the Council says that the event organiser should put in official requests for these to both London Borough of Hounslow and the police though it is understood none have yet been received.

Nigel Farage said, “The Westminster elite are in the process of betraying the British people over Brexit.

“All of us who want Britain to be a great country once again accept that we must be prepared to stand up for what we believe in and fight for our independence.”

Vice-chairman of Leave Means Leave Richard Tice said, “Failing to deliver a true Brexit will permanently damage the British people’s faith in democracy.

“The mood of the country is increasingly ‘Let’s go WTO – let’s save £39bn’.”

We contacted the Metropolitan police who said it was ‘too early’ to provide any further details of the event at this stage.

March 2, 2019


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