Chiswick Year 11s Achieve GCSE Passes

Stars awarded to half the year group for early GCSE success

Four of Chiswick’s Silver Star Students Julia Ames, Rhena Eames Aleksandr Halamins, Christopher Whitehouse

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Over half the students in year 11 at Chiswick have achieved at least one early GCSE or equivalent pass at C and above.

Forty two students have achieved two passes and six students have gained three passes including two who have gained an A/S.

The school has decided to encourage students by celebrating this success through a star prize system. Those gaining one GCSE or equivalent at C and above are awarded a bronze star, whilst those achieving more than three receive a silver star and those with five or more a gold star.

Julia Ames is a silver star winner who has gained an A* in Portuguese as well as an A in Science and Statistics. "It's great to get these GCSEs out of the way so that I can concentrate on more subjects in year 11", she said. "Getting them early has improved my confidence a lot."

Aleksandra Halamins gained an A star in Russian as well as a B in Statistics and an A in Science. "It shows you really mean business when you do well a year early" , he said.

Christopher Whitehouse, another silver star student, has already achieved three A*s in Statistics, Science and Japanese but the icing on the cake is the A he achieved in A/S Japanese. He said, "It's really nice to be recognised in this way."

"My mum encouraged me to do German A/S early and I am really pleased I achieved an A", added Rhena Eames who also achieved an A* in GCSE German with an A in Science.

"Well done to all our star students," said Tony Ryan, the school’s new Head teacher. "We are doing everything we can to create a culture of success at Chiswick. Our new curriculum structure allows for more early entries at GCSE. If students gain the confidence to succeed anything becomes possible. We expect our first gold star student will emerge before the year is out."

October 5, 2010

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