Chiswick celeb avoids driving ban

Rula Lenska tells court that she needs car for acting work

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Local Actress Rula Lenska managed to persuade magistrates that her job meant she should not be given a driving ban.

She was caught driving at 41 mph in a 30mph zone in Southend last year which brought the total number of points on her license above 12. Previous points had been added due to speeding offences. This is the limit at which an automatic driving ban normally applies.

The actress admitted the offence but said that the long travel involved in her work made it essential that she be able to continue to drive. She said she could not afford a chaffeur and had an elderly aunt who depended on her to do shopping. In addition she was required to ferry her daughter to physio after she had undergone knee surgery.

Magistrates accepted her argument and gave her a fine of £60 plus an order to pay £43 costs.

The actress has been active in the local community and had better news this week as it was revealed that plans for a 28 storey building near her home had been ditched. She participated in a march last year against the scheme.

May 14, 2004