Chiswick’s Reluctant Celebrity

Are W4’s streets paved with gold for dancing Ziggy Dust?

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Chiswick’s most unlikely celebrity is living dancing proof that W4’s pavements line the road to fame – and hopefully – fortune.

With popular video clips on YouTube and profiles published in The Sun, The Telegraph and Evening Standard street sweeper Ziggy Dust still manages to keep his feet firmly on the ground even finding time to correspond with locals on the forum. But what is it about the 47 year old former watch maker from Poland that has captured the public’s imagination?

“You do a terrific job and it's a total pleasure to spot you dancing and enjoying your day. Thanks for all that you bring to Chiswick.” says one resident of Zbigniew Colbecki aka Ziggy Dust, a comment that is echoed throughout W4.

Ziggy, who came to London from Torun three years ago, explains how he loves to dance whilst he is working ‘because it makes if more fun.’

“I am used to performing and I get a great reaction from people in Chiswick. Mothers stop with their children and dance with me and one old lady phoned the council to say she wanted to take me for a cup of tea on my break. It is not the most interesting of jobs but I am very happy doing it as I make other people happy and have made lots of friends."

Although his moves have been likened to those of Michael Jackson, the former DJ is adamant that he is not trying to imitate anyone. "I have always had my own free-style steps.” He told one newspaper, “I just improvise, watching my shadow on the pavement and my reflection in the shop windows. It is very tiring because I dance up to seven hours a day six days a week but it is good exercise."

A quick tour of his Ipod would reveal an eclectic taste in music which ranges from Amy Winehouse through Brazilian via funky house to James Brown “And I can play Duffy's song Mercy about 50 times a day."

On his new found fame Ziggy is very modest, “I'm very happy but also a bit confused, so I try to keep quiet mind.”


July 23, 2008