Imagine Homes Goes Into Administration

Celebrity backers unable to save Chiswick based property company

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A Chiswick based property company owned by Anthea Turner’s husband Grant Bovey has gone into administration.

Imagine Homes, based on the Hogarth Roundabout, offered clients new build buy-to-let properties then would find tenants and manage the property for a fee.

The company which Anthea Turner reportedly once boasted would make her husband £1 billion, made a loss of £6.4million in the last year and is currently being sued by a member of staff for more than £7,000 in unpaid wages.

Imagine Homes and Imagine Prestige, which dealt with high end buy-to-let properties, were two of the three companies backed by Bovey that went into administration last week. aAim Ltd (now called JCCO 114) which formed part of a £3billion property fund formerly chaired by Sir David Frost and backed by a number of wealthy individuals including Sir Alex Ferguson was the third.

The collapse of Bovey’s buy-to-let property empire came just weeks after the announcement that Anthea Turner was the new face of Flash cleaning products to tie in with her role as TV’s ‘Perfect Housewife’.

Bovey, who just a months ago threatened to sue anyone who claimed that Imagine Homes was in financial difficulty, is currently acting as a consultant for a new company responsible for selling off the remains of his property portfolio.

December 8, 2008