Whilst Chiswick Backs Singing Sensation Susan Boyle

Ant & Dec go in search of some decent comedy on Britain’s Got Talent

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Singing sensation Susan Boyle caused quite a stir on last weekend’s Britain’s Got Talent and seems to have won the hearts of quite a number of Chiswick residents.

“It's magnificent,” wrote one woman who admitted to never having felt the urge to watch the show before. “This plain, overweight, frumpy, middle-aged woman walks onto the stage and says she wants to be a professional singer. The entire audience sniggers and the judges roll their eyes. Then she starts to sing — a pure, strong, beautiful voice — and their jaws drop.”

According to one newspaper, the Britain's Got Talent judges have issued a grovelling apology to Susan Boyle after admitting they were embarrassed for her at the auditions. One of the judges Amanda Holden said, “It's a very shallow thing to say, but obviously the minute she walked on we and the audience completely judged her on her appearance.”

A video of Susan’s audition has had tens of millions of viewings. “I hope she wins,” added another Chiswickian, “But no doubt she'll have to contend with the stripper in the final, as the contest seems fixated on lowest taste rather than the best.”

Although Susan won the admiration of many locals, the programme’s hosts Ant and Dec said they’d prefer to see a comic or magic act win for the first time however, according to The Mirror, they despair of Piers and Simon being able to recognise good comedy talent.

Ant said, “Things that the audience and ourselves find funny, they just don't get. So it's tough for comedians. We'd love to find the next Peter Kay."

April 18, 2009