Supermodels, drugs and rock'n'roll

It's all happening right under our noses!

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Chiswick studio at cutting edge
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Supermodel Kate Moss may have apologised to her friends, family and business partners and indeed the world in general after her coke fuelled fall from grace – but what about Chiswick?

The Daily Mirror, who launched the Kate Moss expose by publishing grainy photographs of the supermodels’ drug taking, have today professed that the recording studio in which the dastardly deed took place was in fact in Chiswick.

Considering that her on / off lover Pete Doherty and his band Babyshambles are currently recording their new album at Chiswick’s Metropolis Studios (situated in The Power House) it doesn’t take a genius to put the two together.

The band were photographed, and this time officially, at the studios on September 8th by photographer Andrew Kendall. Whilst there are no signs of the supermodel or class a drugs in this set of photos, there are shots of Clash guitarist Mick Jones who is producing the band’s album.

Moss has at no point denied the Mirror’s allegations even though she won a libel case against The Sunday Mirror back in July this year after they ran an article claiming she collapsed in Barcelona after a cocaine binge.

She has lost lucrative contracts with fashion and cosmetic houses and has ignited a heated debate during London Fashion Week about the fashion industry’s antics. Remarkably whilst Moss has been busy taking all the flack for the group drugs session, there has been a deafening silence from the music industry, her fellow culprits and the studios.

March 5, 2009