Dr Who Never Had This Trouble With The Tardis

Actor David Tennant is seeking to extend the family home in Chiswick

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Actor David Tennant is seeking to extend the family home in Chiswick

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Actor David Tennant has said he fears that opposition to his plans to enlarge his family home in Chiswick may force the family to sell up and leave the area which would be "heartbreaking".

The former Dr Who star is attempting to extend the property he shares with his wife and four children, including a controversial plan to building another storey onto the house, turning it from two to three storeys.

The West Chiswick and Gunnersbury Society have opposed the design to build another storey on the grounds that it would not be in keeping with the surrounding architecture of what is a Conservation Area. Hounslow Council planning officials have also rejected the plan.

The acclaimed actor (Broadchurch, Hamlet) surprised the attendance at the Chiswick Area forum last week by appearing in person to plead his case for improvements to his property. Councillors had been given a presentation about the planning application which was 'called in' for discussion at the meeting. The Chiswick Forum can decide to refer controversial applications either for decision by delegated powers of Council officials or for further discussion at a full Council Planning Committee meeting.

The local residents' group WCGS, says that the current design would disrupt the traditional scale of other Victorian detached houses. It would be incongruous, said the chairman of the Society, Marie Rabouhans. They understood that the family needed to make some improvements to the house but felt the proposed plans would not be in keeping with the area.

After some comments from one of the architects, The former Dr Who actor then stood up and addressed the meeting. He said that he and his wife had moved to W4 five years ago and the couple had recently had another baby. They needed more space and he pledged that any alterations to the house would be carried out in keeping with the conservation status of the area.

"We love Chiswick, we don't want to live anywhere else. We cherish everything about the area - we want to grow old here", he said. "It would break their hearts if they had to move on and live elsewhere."

The house dates back to 1894 and has connections with 18th century actor Charles Holland.

Councillors finally decided to refer the decision to the next Hounslow Council Planning Committee meeting which will rule on the matter.

November 5, 2015


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