Chiswick Deprives Nation of Piers Morgan

'Heat related' problems at transmission studio lead to Good Morning Britain chaos

Good Morning Britain presents unsure if they are being broadcast

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The live broadcast of Good Morning Britain this Wednesday (21 June) was apparently interrupted by a series of random clips.

The problem is believed to be the result of issues at the transmission studio in Chiswick Business Park possibly caused by the extreme hot weather experienced recently.

The presenters Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan were unaware whether their live broadcast was reaching television audiences and asked them to contact them to say exactly what they were seeing on their screens.

Susanna Reid, ‘This is apparently because the technical equipment at Chiswick in London at our transmission centre is overheating.’

She said was unaware whether this was a direct result of the very hot weather.

Piers Morgan said, ‘Basically we have lost complete control and anything could happen. I don’t know about you but I think that is probably very watchable television”

‘People are often asking, you know, me in particular to apologise for the apparently chaotic and uncontrolled output that comes on this programme but today we do indeed have completely uncontrolled and chaotic output and we would like to apologise.’

This is not the first time that problems at a Chiswick transmission studio has caused the wrong material to be broadcast. During the 2010 World Cup an ad for a motor car company was incorrectly played by Technicolor at the very moment Steve Gerrard scored for England against the US.



June 21, 2017


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