Chiswick Gets A New Neighbour

As Aussie soap star Jason Donovan moves into town

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Aussie soap fans will be delighted with the news that Jason Donovan has moved into Chiswick after renting out his former home to author Salman Rushdie.

Speaking to The Mirror, the actor told how an estate agent broke the news of his new literary tenant.

"He's a writer." said the agent.

"A proper one?" asked Donovan. "I don't want some dodgy guy who isn't good for the rent. Have I heard of him?" to which the agent replied "Does the name Salman Rushdie mean anything to you?"

And so it was that Jason, his wife Ange and children Jemma, and Zac moved to their new house in Chiswick, and Rushdie took up residency in their former home - but not until he had made some adjustments to the place.

"You don't mind if he makes a few little alterations, do you?" the agent asked "He'd like to put up some bookshelves... and he'll need to get the house bomb-proofed."

September 28, 2007