Al Murray's Book of British Common Sense

Featuring the reason Chiswick parents feel the need to drive their children to school

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He's had the longest warm up in history at The Tabard and his new book, The Pub Landlord’s Book of British Common Sense, has just been published but where does Chiswick's Al Murray find his inpiration.

In his book Al Murray offers 12 examples of Bad Thinking. These range from “1) the belief that no one should win in running races at school in case anyone gets upset” to “5) the idea that we should all have carrots in our packed lunches”, from “8) hoummus” to “12) the idea that you need to drive your kids to school so that they won’t be run over by the people driving their kids to school”.

When asked during a recent interview with The Sunday Times if there was anything he didn't actually agree with in that list, he replied "Well that last one is just a plain observation of living in Chiswick. Of walking my girls to school.”

So next time you're stuck in school run traffic spare a thought for the anxious parents and keep an eye out for Mr Murray and family on the pavement.

October 27, 2007