Closure of Chiswick Day Care Centre

Council extends consultation deadline until end of April

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Hounslow Council have extended the consultation deadline on Proposed changes to service – day services for older people until 30th April 2011:

The consultation states: We are considering changes to the way we deliver day services for older people and we are now consulting with you on the savings options which could affect those that use the service.

No decisions on the proposals have been made. A public consultation began at the end of January 2011. If you use day services for older people or care for somebody who does, you have the opportunity to give us your views through online questionnaires or by attending focus groups.

The initial findings of the consultation will be fed into the decision making process that elected councillors will go through before setting the council’s overall budget.We recognise that the difficult decisions being made may affect some of our users and their carers. Once these decisions have been made, reviews will be carried out to help those affected to find alternative services and support.To read about the proposed changes, please download the 'day care services for older people' consultation brief

If you wish to comment on the proposed changes, please complete our online questionnaire below by clicking on the link which applies to you:• If you use day services for older people - service user questionnaire

If you're a carer - carers' questionnaireIf you prefer to email us with any other questions, please email us at consultation will close on Thursday 31 March 2011.

March 24, 2011