E-Fit Issued of Grove Park Sex Attacker

May have been in vicinity from 7.15 on the evening of the assaults


The Police in Chiswick

A 'e-fit' of the man suspected of carrying out four sex attacks near Chiswick mainline railway station has been issued. The incidents occurred on Tuesday 26th June.

The attacks, all on females, took place between 10.05pm and 11.50pm but witnesses believe that they saw the suspect in the vicinity of Chiswick Mainline Railway Station at 7.15pm

These were stranger attacks and police believe that the incidents may be linked but are keeping an open mind at this stage.

The first attack was on a teenage girl of Asian appearance and it took place Station Approach Road by the junction with Grove Park Road, Chiswick.

The second attack was at 10.45pm on a white female in her mid thirties at Burlington Lane half way between Chiswick Mainline Railway Station and Staveley Road.

The third attack was approximately 11.15pm and took place at Bolton Road at the junction of Devonshire Gardens. The victim was a white female in her mid thirties. The attack ended when the suspect was caught on the headlights of a passing car and he then ran along Bolton Road towards Grove Park Road and the Train station.

The forth attack was at approximately 11.30pm and took place In Sutton Court Road near to the junction with Alford Road. The victim was a white female again in her mid thirties. She was dragged from the street and into the front garden of a house in Sutton Court Road. When the suspect left this scene he ran along Sutton Court Road and was seen to enter the Fauconberg Estate.

On the last two occasions the victims were screaming aloud and shouting for help.

The man is described as white with cropped blond mousy hair, aged between 23 and 30, height 5’9” to 5’10” with a slight to medium athletic build. He had a local accent described as common street/working class. One victim describes hearing a Lancashire accent although this may have been a disguise. He is a smoker, may have an earring (gold hoop) in his right ear and possible light stubble.

There continues to be an increased police presence in the area.

Anyone with any information that they think might assist the enquiry is urged to call the enquiry team on 020 8247 6060

July 6, 2007