Doorstep Con Artists Operating Locally

Two incidents in Stamford Brook and Barrowgate Road

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The Police in Chiswick

Chiswick Police are reminding residents not to give money to doorstep callers. Over the last week there have been two incidents locally in which residents have answered their door to a female supposedly in distress and asking for money. The first incident took place on Stamford Brook Avenue last Friday (8th August) and the second on Thursday in Barrowgate Road.

On one occasion, the female claimed to be needing to visit her sick mother in Hillingdon. She provided an address to the victim which not surprisingly turned out to be false. The female in Stamford Brook Avenue is described as a white female with blonde hair, aged around 21 years old.

Sergeant Ben Clark of Turnham Green safer neighbourhood team said "These people prey on our good nature. Don't give money to doorstep callers, no matter how plausible they appear to be. If you want to help them, direct them to the local police station where they can go if they are genuine. If you are approached by a doorstep caller asking for money and you are suspicious, dial 999."

Chiswick Police ask anyone else who may have been approached by this female to contact their local safer neighbourhood team on 020 8247 6415.

August 15, 2008