Arson in Esmond Road?

Campaigning councillor reports suspicious activity

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Lib Dem councillor Gary Malcolm when petitioning residents of Esmond Road on the afternoon of 23rd August spotted a fence at the junction of Esmond Road and Bedford Road, on fire (see picture). At first it smelt like a BBQ but when metres from the fire it was clear something was not right; the smoke was acrid and made it difficult to breathe.

The owner of the property was away and a resident also present called the fire brigade who attended very quickly. When the resident was trying to put out the fire it re-lit a number of times.

When Gary Malcolm spoke to a couple of local people walking by, one lady told him that another fence in Esmond Road had been set alight a week earlier. Today one of those who helped to put out the fire said he could see something behind the fence “like firecrackers”.

Cllr Gary Malcolm said: “If these two incidents were arson then the police and fire brigade need to take action to inform residents of any risks and try to catch the culprits. If someone thinks setting fire to a fence is fun then they are totally wrong. A small fire can lead to a house burning down. Luckily this time a few people were nearby to put the fire out but next time someone may not be so luckily.”

Gary Malcolm added: “I have contacted the local Southfield police team so that they can take whatever action is needed.”

August 23, 2008