Convincing Con Woman Returns To Chiswick

With 'tragic' tale of how her family has been involved in a car accident

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The Police in Chiswick

Residents have warned that a very convincing con woman has returned to W4 with a sob story that scams sympathetic locals out of money.

Her modus operandi remains very similar to that of almost two years ago, however, she seems to have “upped her own game and the acting is a lot more convincing than before” according to one would be victim.

The woman, who appears to be in her early to mid thirties, is an articulate, well dressed and of Indian origin. Although her story varies a little in details, it follows the pattern of stopping a stranger in the street, telling them that a member of her family has been involved in a road accident and that she needs money to get to the hospital.

“Same lady, similar story, crash on the M4 with her son and mother-in-law at Windsor and introducing herself as a resident from the other end of the street (one of just a few houses that I don't know well),” said one of her recent victims. “She was not wearing a coat and seemed visibly distressed saying that she could not get hold of her husband who was on a "shoot"!”

She continued “I feel really stupid for falling for this but even worse that people will use these heart-pulling stories to con you.”

“The same woman stopped me on The Avenue recently and used exactly the same story,” another resident told “I was so upset to hear what had happened to her my natural instinct was to try and help her but I didn’t have any cash with me to lend her. I actually offered to drive her to the hospital! She was very convincing, it was only when I read the forum that I realised I had avoided being conned!”

Chiswick police are aware of the woman’s recent return and urge people not to hand over money to her or indeed anyone in the street, but to direct them to the station on the High Road where genuine cases will be given the assistance they need.

December 11, 2008