Spate of Unwanted Cold Callers

Leads police to issue warning to residents


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The Police in Chiswick

Chiswick Police have recently received several calls about unwanted bogus calls either at the door or on the phone.

A spokesperson for the Police said, “If your door is knocked, say "NO THANK YOU" and close it. Do not get into a long conversation as people can be very persuasive.

“If we ALL say "NO," they might get the message and move out of the area. Never let anyone into your property who just happened to knock your door especially without proper identification.”

Last week, Chiswick Police officers visited several streets in the area along with representatives from Department of Work & Pensions, Immigration Service, Health and Safety Executive and Trading Standards to ensure that those working on local building sites were doing so legitimately. Around 10 sites were visited in Chiswick with all receiving a clean bill of health in every respect.

PC Richard Oatham, from Chiswick Riverside Ward said, "Having visited these sites, I was very encouraged to see that the firms in question were complying with the law. This shows that if you are considering getting building work done, it is always best to use a legitimate and recommended business and never to deal with cold callers."

If local residents have concerns about traders or doorstep callers, they can contact Hounslow Trading Standards on 020 8583 5555

June 16, 2009