Homeless Charity Scam Returns To Chiswick

Police advise not to buy products from doorstep sellers


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It's a common scam but one that con artists are still getting away with. Young men and women call to the door purporting to be selling goods - usually cleaning products - for a charity called The Organisation for Homeless and Unemployed People. There is no such charity and the address given is also bogus. Trading with a name that is not identifiable infringes basic consumer protection legislation.

On occasion the sellers can get quite aggressive with some claiming that their job or livelihood will be in jeopardy if they don't sell the goods which in itself is an offence under Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2007.

Police ask residents not to buy from these scam artists and advise your Safer Neighbourhood Team if you are approached by them

A resident of Grove Park became a victim of the scam this week. She wrote on the forum: "Thought I had just done my good deed for today by spending £20 on extremely overpriced pointless cleaning products but it seems I am just another sucker. I was lead to believe the proceeds would go to a charity for homeless teenagers and was fooled by the supposedly authenticity of the charity but my partner came home and immediately recognised the scam.

"A quick Internet search found articles identifying the scam and quotes from the post office claiming the PO Box and postcodes for the charities are false. It's a shame charity is being used for sickening self gain. Please be aware and tell your neighbours."

A Bedford Park resident experienced the same last week. She told ChiswickW4.com: "I'm normally adamant about not conducting business on the doorstep but my husband fell for a sob story from a young lady and bought a duster for £3.99!"

February 6, 2012

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