A Wheelie Good Chase

Have- a-go Hero says On Yer Bike to Thief

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An opportunistic thief who pinched a bicycle on Chiswick High Road found himself outpedalled by the shopowner on Saturday.

Staff at Action bikes were putting out the bicycles on display when the young ruffian nabbed a £500 Napier city bike and made off down Turnham Green. Alerted by the shouts of a member of the public, the shop manager, Robert Huddleston, jumped onto his own Brompton folding bike and gave chase.

"I caught up behind him down near the Tube Station and attempted to dismount him but when that failed I shouted at him to stop. He refused and tried to cycle across Acton Green but I pursued him, still shouting until he gave up and dropped the bike" said Mr. Huddleston.

Police, who had been called by the staff gave chase in their squad car and apprehended the thief.

Normally bikes are chained up while on display outside the shop but staff believe the robber lay in wait to ambush them as they put the bikes out early on Saturday morning. The last time the shop was robbed was in November 2010 when a thief cut through a chain - the stolen property was later traced through the internet.


November 7, 2011

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