Operation Condor Targets Chiswick Pubs

Drinkers surprised as police visit premises on High Road


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Drinkers having a quiet evening pint in the Barley Mow in Chiswick found themselves caught up in a police operation last Friday (24th February) when officers searched the pub as part of Operation Condor.

The officers, from the local Safer Neighbourhood Teams executed an evening drugs warrant at the Barley Mow following information that drug dealing was taking place within the pub. Drinkers at the pub complained of being 'kettled' as they were refused permission to leave during the operation. On a previous visit, officers had visited the pub and obtained positive drugs swabs from the toilets according to the police statement.

After entering the premises, the police explained to the manager that the pub and some people within it would be searched for drugs. A number of people were searched but no drugs were found. A full licensing check was completed during the search according to the police.

All the pubs in Chiswick High road were visited by uniformed officers who completed full licensing checks. The Police Specials visited all the bookmakers in Chiswick and confirmed they were operating correctly. Police cadets were used in an undercover test purchase operation in many of the off licences in the area, to establish if owners were correctly asking for identification, prior to sale. One off licence was reported for breaching his licence conditions. The police did not release the name of the off-licence.

Operation Condor took place in all 32 London boroughs as part of a massive crackdown on licensing issues affecting all communities. The operation was a co-ordinated 48-hour operation across London to combat those who flout licensing rules.

Over the two days, officers visited 4896 licensed premises, including pubs, off licences, cafes, shops, fast food outlets, and entertainment venues. 658 breaches were identified, resulting in 420 arrests. Officers were on the look-out for drug taking and other illegal activity inside pubs and checking that alcohol was sold and consumed in line with licensing laws. In shops and supermarkets, they took action against people selling alcohol, cigarettes and knives to children. Driving licence fraud and taxi touts were also targeted.

February 29, 2012