Police Warn Of Spate Of Bike Thefts In Chiswick

Motorbikes have also been targeted by thieves


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Police have appealed to the public to be on the alert following a recent spate of burglaries involving pedal cycles and motorbikes. The thefts are taking place on the High Road and adjoining streets but the police have warned of a recent increase in robberies of residents' sheds.

Thefts of motorbikes and pedal cycles have increased recently across the borough of Hounslow but a police officer in Chiswick said that in one recent local incident, three valuable motorcycles had been stolen from a private underground parking facility in W4. The police have apprehended the culprit.

The spokesperson said that pedal cycles were being targeted across Chiswick. Thieves working in gangs of three were watching out for expensive bikes that they can sell to fund a drugs habit. They come along on an old cheap bike and park it alongside the targeted bike. While an accomplice watches out, they quickly cut the expensive bike's security lock or chain and make off.

The police spokesperson said that bike owners could help prevent theft by carrying out a Bike Register.

" We would also appeal for people to make sure their bikes are safely locked away in garden sheds. We are seeing a lot of thefts from sheds recently, either bikes or expensive garden equipment."

The police alert said that across the borough the offences have mainly occurred overnight and offenders are using high powered cutting equipment to cut off locks. 

"The areas targeted are normally secured by resident keys or pin codes however, the offenders seem to bypass these systems and there has been no sign of damage to gain entry.  Residents are urged to make sure such doors or gates are secured correctly before leaving the car park area. 

"Should residents see anyone acting suspiciously then they should contact police on 101 or 999 in emergencies.  If anyone has any information regarding these offences then they can contact Hounslow Police on 0208 247 6650 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. "


May 24, 2013