'CSI Chiswick' to Tackle Car Crime

Forensics to be carried out on every vehicle theft


Theft From Cars Still A Big Problem In Chiswick

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Tel: 020 8247 6415

In an emergency always dial 999. Non-urgent please dial 101.

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Local police are adopting new tactics in an effort to tackle car crime in the Chiswick area. Although the number of thefts from vehicles is declining, the W4 area sees a far higher incidence of it than the rest of the borough.

Up until now a forensic examination on a car which was involved in a vehicle crime was not carried out as a matter of course. Often the owner was not keen to wait for it to be done and this has meant that clear-up rates for this type of crime is low.

The police are now planning to get the best possible forensic results for any allegation of theft from a vehicle in Chiswick.

A police spokesperson said, "We will get an officer to come to every crime, unless the victim is adamant they do not want this. The officer will investigate and then call a Scene of Crimes Officer (SOCO) who will then arrange to examine the vehicle for any forensic evidence. As there may be a delay with the arrival of the SOCO, a suitable time and location can be arranged for this to be done. If it is wet and the window is broken, then the victim will obviously want to get the damage fixed as soon as possible. Forensic evidence can still be obtained after damage is repaired and even some time after the offence, so if this is done, we still come out to and make the examination. "

If you are unfortunate enough to be a victim of motor vehicle crime in the Chiswick area, then police ask that you get an officer to attend as soon as possible, so they can arrange the attendance of the SOCO and give them the best chance to secure evidence and help prevent crime in the area.

May 23, 2014