Drug Dealing Cousins Jailed

Prison sentences for possession and intent to sell


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Two cousins have been jailed after being foiled by police during an operation to target drug dealers in Hounslow.

Ismael Jemba, 28 of Mogden Lane, Isleworth and Abby Nsubuga, 34 of Burnham Gardens, Hounslow, appeared at Isleworth Crown Court on Tuesday 29 September, where they each received four year prison sentences for possession with intent to sell a class A drug (cocaine).

Nsubuga received an additional one month sentence to run concurrently for dangerous driving, and a 12 month disqualification from driving upon release from prison.

Both men were also ordered to forfeit over £4,500 cash under the Misuse of Drugs Act. They had pleaded not guilty to the offences at an earlier hearing.

On 28 March at around 8.45pm, officers observed Jemba acting suspiciously whilst standing next to a black Hyundai in Hibernia Road close to the junction with Grove Road.

Officers conducted a stop and search on Jemba to discover that he was in possession of a wrap of cocaine. During his arrest he indicated to officers that the drugs belonged to the occupant of the Hyundai, his first cousin Nsubuga.

When officers approached the car, Nsubuga drove off at speed towards Staines Road. A police pursuit commenced during which the Hyundai was driven through red lights and the wrong way along a one-way street.

When Nsubuga drove into a dead end at Bullstrode Road he decamped from the car and started to run down an alleyway and across a number of rear gardens, before being detained by officers.

He was immediately arrested and found to be in possession of cocaine, snap bags and £265 in cash. A further search of the area uncovered two mobile phones and £390 hidden under a plant pot. In the car there were further wraps of cocaine.

An address in Isleworth was searched which was linked to both men, at which further drugs were found along with a large amounts of cash.

Detective Constable Dan Whitehead said, "Nsubuga's efforts to evade capture were thankfully halted in a matter of minutes. His dangerous driving put himself and other road users at risk and his action may have caused serious injury had it not been for the speedy and systematic police response.

"The sentences send a clear and direct message to those who are intent on blighting their communities with drugs - they simply will not be tolerated.

"Our policing team is committed to using every resource and tactic to keep Hounslow safe and drug free, and ensure that criminals like Jemba and Nsubuga are

December 14, 2015