Concern Over Young Men Inhaling Legal Highs At Strand On The Green

Four men in a car dumped several empty containers in the street after inhaling the nitrous oxide

nitrous ozide dumped after people take legal highs in strand on the green


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A local resident has told of his concern at seeing four young men 'high as kites' on 'legal high' nitrous oxide at Strand on the Green on Tuesday night (July18th). He said police said they could not attend because there was nothing illegal going on.

The local said that there were four men aged in their early twenties in a blue Honda openly sucking on balloons containing Nitrous Oxide at about 8.30pm in Thames Road.

"They were all (including the driver) as high as kites with extremely loud music playing and dumping Macdonalds packaging on the road alongside their used silver bottles of Nitrous Oxide.

"I called the police and they said that couldn't attend as it wasn't a crime as it is a legal high. My concern was that the driver would soon behind the wheel in no state to drive. There were lots of kids around playing and families enjoying the sunny weather." called the police station to speak to someone about the incident but there was no reply.

You can read more about 'laughing gas' in this BBC article

July 19, 2017

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