Police Highlight Local Moped Theft Hotspot

Advise people to be aware of surroundings while walking along the street


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Local police have identified a 'hotspot' for crime carried out by robbers on mopeds. They say that the bottom of Beaconsfield Road at the junction with South Parade has been the scene of several incidents.

moped rider snatching phone

"The Southfield Team are making it a priority to patrol the areas that have suffered from so called 'Moped Crime'. As most readers are aware this has become a problem throughout the London area, and one of the ways to combat it is to maintain a regular police presence in the affected areas, wherever possible.

"One of the areas affected is at the bottom end of Beaconsfield Road at the junction with South Parade. If you park your vehicle there be particularly vigilant and ensure you remove everything before locking it. "

In their latest bulletin, the police say,"Another target for these criminals on mopeds is your mobile phone. It has been said numerous times but it is worth repeating. Do not walk along the street without a care in the world chatting on your phone. You will not notice the bike coming up behind you. The first thing you will notice is your phone being grabbed out of your hand and before you’ve had time to react the moped will be 100 yards down the road.

"Before you use your phone you must be aware of your surroundings. Put your back to a wall and monitor the area around you before and while you talk.

The team also recently met up with Homefields SNT at Chiswick Police Station. Homefields used to be part of Hounslow Borough but have now joined Southfield as part of the West Area BCU. They discussed joint patrols over the two wards, which would now be easier to organise, plus plans to deal with problems affecting both areas. They are continuing to work with various housing associations and Ealing Council to negotiate successful conclusions to various ongoing Neighbour Disputes.

The team will be holding two Cuppa with a Copper event in the near future; at Laveli's on South Parade on Tuesday 16 October 11-12am and Plum Duff, Southfield Road W4 on Tuesday 25 October 2-3pm.

October 13, 2018

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