Award for Doubling Bike Use at School

Strand on the Green commended for encouraging cycling

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Strand on the Green Junior School


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A Chiswick school has received an award for its outstanding commitment to cycling.

Strand On The Green School has received the Sustrans Gold Mark Award which recognises the highest level of commitment to promoting cycling to school.

Since the school started working with sustainable travel charity Sustrans in 2009, it has more than doubled the number of pupils regularly cycling to school.

Now more than 30% of pupils cycle to school more than three times a week.

Deepi Hayre and her son Dylan, seven, who is one of the school's bike marshals, regularly cycle to school thanks to Sustrans.

Deepi said, "Before Sustrans started working with the school I never thought that I would cycle in London. I am still cautious but I now feel much safer having watched Dylan do short journeys.

"Dylan has always been active boy, but being able to cycle is making him even more so because he has realised that by cycling you get places quicker.

"These days he's much keener to cycle than to walk or take the car - even in the rain! Now we are cycling journeys that we used to do by car and he is keen to go further too."

Ruth Woods, deputy headteacher at Strand on the Green Juniors, said, "Growing up in a city it is so important to give the children the confidence and skills they need to cycle safely, and Sustrans have helped us do that.

"Encouraging our pupils to cycle to school keeps them fit and healthy and leaves them feeling energised before a long day in the class room.

"Apart from anything else, cycling is fun and that's what the children appreciate the most. Cycling is part of school's culture and it is here to stay."

Sustrans Bike It officer Emile Charlesworth said: "It is fantastic to see the school doing so much to help kids cycle confidently and safely.

"Cycling is good for students' health, confidence and independence and it makes them better learners in the classroom too."

November 28, 2013