'Bureaucracy and Inaction' Alive and Well In Gunnersbury

Cyclists await verdict on where they should park their bikes

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Transport for London - Cycling


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Cyclists who mounted a campaign against ‘threatening’ signs preventing them from securing their bikes outside Gunnersbury station have been informed that Transport for London is "unable to say who made the decision to take away the current cycle parking facilities."

TfL said in a previous statement that the bicycles had been banned for “health and safety reasons” because they caused an obstruction to the entrance of the station entrance although who made the decision to ban them is yet to be determined.

In a letter to one of the campaigners, TfL Customer Service Advisor wrote, "I regret that the cycle parking issues at this station remain unresolved. Our Cycling Centre of Excellence is looking into what we can do to help with alternative cycle parking facilities, but we are unable to say who made the decision to take away the current cycle parking facilities."

She continued, "I have copied in my colleagues at London Underground into this response. They will hopefully be able to provide you with the name and contact details of the manager of Gunnersbury Station. They will also hopefully be able to explain further the reasons why the ban was introduced."

"We hold our breath in anticipation of what the Cycling Centre of Excellence comes up with - the genius idea of allowing cyclists to secure their bikes at the station once more perhaps?" the Chiswick resident and cycle campaigner told ChiswickW4.com.

"Good to see bureaucracy and inaction are alive and well under the new mayor." she added.

October 8, 2008