Greenend Road Garden Fire Caught On Film

Cause of blaze which destroyed fencing, plants and garden shed not yet clear

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Greenend Road resident George Walton was woken by his wife Wanda in the early hours of Saturday 26th March because she could hear a strange sound.

"As it turned out, our neighbour's back garden was on fire, really raging," George told "Wanda rushed to wake our next-door neighbours, and I called 999. I think the popping sound was coming from their 10-foot tall bamboo grove. It was remarkable how little time it took for the fire to spread and double in size.

"Wanda suggested I get dressed, just in case, so by the time I got back to the bathroom window, iPhone in hand for video, it had died down a bit and the fire brigade had arrived and begun hosing it down. The danger was that it could migrate up a fence line to our entire row of terrace houses."

George made the video below using his iPhone:


"It took about 10-15 minutes for the fire brigade to arrive and it took them around a minute to extinguish the flames."

George wanted to share the lessons he and his neighbours learnt from the experience:

1. Fire spreads fast. If you hear or smell something, check it out and don't be shy about ringing 999.

2. Make a plan for evacuating your home in case of fire. Chances are you'll have seconds, not minutes, to get out. No possession is worth risking your life.

3. Watch for suspicious activity, especially in laneways and around garages or sheds. We can't rule out arson, in this case at least.

It is not yet certain what started the fire which destroyed fencing and plants in one garden and a great deal more damage to another one.

March 28, 2011