Robin Kermode's Comic Novel About Divorce

Chiswick Actor's The Flowerpot Man Written As He Convalesced in His Garden

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Almost immediately following his divorce, Chiswick based actor Robin Kermode snapped his achilles, nearly died from a resulting blood clot and couldn't walk for six months. So he sat in his garden and wrote a comedy divorce novel, 'The Flowerpot Man'.

The idea for it might have been inspired by real events but the plot is entirely fictional.

Robin told "I talk about the Chiswick High Road and the many cafes. At the time of writing the book, my brother and I used to meet up daily at Café Chiswick for brunch, I think it saved me going mad through the time of the divorce!"

"Also everyone locally has been amazing – for example Spencer Wheeler at Wheelers Garden Centre lent me 5 bay trees and pots for a week to take the cover shot without charge."

In this section from the book the central character is talking to a neighbour about the divorce:

Colin took a swig of beer. “Is everything alright between you two?”
“I think we’ve both moved on.”
“It could have got nasty.”
“Life’s too short. You have to let it go.” I was sounding like one of Charlie’s Self Help books again.
“So, she’s got a flat in Streatham and you kept your house in Chiswick. I’d call that a result.”
A failed five year marriage didn’t seem like a result to me. But then, of course, I wasn’t an accountant.

The book has been described by critics as the '..male Bridget Jones’ Diary..' and as ‘... very funny and very touching ... ' by Julian Fellowes, the Oscar winning writer of Gosford Park.

The novel is set specifically in Chiswick, Acton and Brook Green and it follows the journey of Will Foster as his divorce goes from Decree Nisi to Decree Absolute.

To watch a video interview with Robin Kermode, read more or order copies see

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May 29, 2007