Chance Uncovering Prompts Trip Down Memory Lane

But still no clues as to who or what Chiswick's M Colley Ashton was

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Refurbishment work at a High Road Estate Agents unearthed two interesting signs and took forumites on a trip down memory lane.

The quest for historical information came from Winkworth's Marie-Helene Cuckow. "Whilst in the process of re-doing our facade, our builders uncovered a couple of old hand painted shop signs," she said.

"Seeing the shop with this alternative frontage sparked a curiosity in me to know a little bit more about our predecessors, however my internet searches thus far have proved rather fruitless and I was hoping that someone local may be able to shed more light on our building's history."

The two signs (pictured right) read 'M Colley Ashton' and 'Chancers'.

A lady passing by informed Marie-Helene that Chancers was a Jewelers."I bought my engagement ring from there 60 years ago," she said.

The forum thread has attracted many contributions including one from regular Jim Lawes who confirmed that, according to the 1938 Kelly's directory, Chancers was a watchmaker.

"Just along the way at 263 was Shears who I remember as travel agents, cigars and hairdressers and who had premises at Chiswick Park Station too," he added continuing "at No 261 was The Bonanza sweet shop owned by George Harrison. He also owned the newsagents cum sweet shop opposite Chiswick Station. He lived with his family at 3 Staveley Road but sadly in September 1944 the V2 rocket fell just outside their home and Mrs Harrison was one of those killed.

"Most famously remembered by us oldies is No 253, the home of Mylo's ice cream. There the most gorgeous soft creamy treat could be purchased for one old penny. In front of Tanner's today you can see the Mylo's name inlayed in tiles I believe."

Whilst there are records of Chancers, Marie-Helene has not been able to find any information about M Colley Ashton. If you have any information about this business or memories of Chiswick's business past, please email

September 15, 2010