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Local author's definitive local guide - 'The Chiswick Book'

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If you are interested in Chiswick's history the Brentford and Chiswick Local History Society has meetings on the third Monday of each month at Chiswick library

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Gillian Clegg, the author of 'Chiswick Past' has published a new book on the local area called 'The Chiswick Book'.

News of this latest publication from Historical Publications Ltd has been very warmly welcomed by the booksellers in the area, and is set to be the local best-seller of the season.

The Chiswick Book was launched on 5th November, priced £14.50, and provides a fascinating insight into this part of London’s history and its development over the centuries. It also looks at the various characters who gave Chiswick its unique character and heritage, all vividly brought to life by the authors’ lively narrative and superb collection of illustrations.

Gillian Clegg qualified as a librarian and worked as such for over ten years before becoming an editor and writer. She has contributed to many magazines and written ten books, four of them concerning the borough of Hounslow.

The titles of these are The Archaeology of Hounslow, Chiswick Past, Brentford Past and, her new book, The Chiswick Book, past and present. She has lived in Chiswick since 1976 and her interest in its history stemmed from her long-time hobby of archaeology. She has helped to excavate many sites in the borough and became fascinated by its early and later past.

November 25, 2004